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    acquire MCP / MSCE via training company


    by mathewsk ·

    I have been working voluntary at a school maintaining their network (as best I can) and generally making sure all the computers are in good working order. I?ve been doing this because I am trying to obtain real life experience in the IT industry without going in over my head. I have been there some 18months, and still going strong. They offered me part time work, but as I am unemployed, it would affect my benefits and so I declined the kind offer. Previous to this voluntary work, I have no experience working in IT.
    Now, however, I am trying to acquire training, ultimately to gain some certification. I have contacted a company called CompuTeach (hope I?m allowed to mention names?) based in Dudley UK. A friend (through IRC) has recommended I go for MCSE, but when I was interviewed by CT, they pushed me in the direction of taking a Visual Basic 6 course, which is apparently the ?easier? and more ?realistic? option for me. Also it would (I?m not sure which) either count as a MCP ?or?towards an MCP. My question for you is, what, in your opinions, is more advantageous for me? I feel reasonably confident about my skills and abilities but in honesty, not 100%. Obviously I realise I am not qualified to simply jump into the most difficultseries of exams and expect to pass, but I cannot be sure CT were suggesting I did VB6 for MY benefit (career) or theirs (financial). There is a lot of money I do not have riding on my decision and so I would appreciate any input offered by folk who are more knowledgeable than myself in this field.
    Am I doing the right thing by going with this company in the first place?

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      What do you want to do?

      by david hutton ·

      In reply to acquire MCP / MSCE via training company

      You have to figure out what you want to do with your life and go in that direction. I think that most of these schools like CT will try and push as many courses as they can, after all they make their money by filling seats. I have an MCSE, CNE, CCA, MCDBA and I have only taken a couple of courses, the rest I did by reading books and working on my home network. I figured that $1500-$2000 that they want for each course would buy a lot of computer equipment and books. You will have to decide what’s right for you. As a side note, don’t pay list price. They will come down 20% on the price without much argument and maybe even more.

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        by mathewsk ·

        In reply to What do you want to do?

        I am keen to do this, but am in fear of getting into high debt (by takin career development loan) and chancing a fail. As i said, i don’t feel 100% confident, probably more like 80%-ish. I appreciate the advice re: course ?? could easily be PC equipment & books, and also not to take list prices. I’m not sure if they would drop 20%as it would be done via the career development loan, but hey – i can try ;). Generally, i think i pretty much have to go with this course, else i’ll be kicking myself in a year or so’s time for not trying.

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          VB6 (coding) vs MCSE (administering)

          by ken howard ·

          In reply to pondering

          I was curious as to why this company would try to push you towards programing especially in VB6 since the newest version of Visual Basic is Visual Basic .net…

          If you wish to get into coding, I would recommend you bite the bullet, take out a college loan and get at least a bachelors in Computer Science. If you like what you are doing now (administering a network), I would recommend you get your hands on some old PC’s, build a Win2k domain at home and read, read, read…

          I went through an18 month Associates Degree program and another 6 month Microsoft Academy. I am currently an MSCE and an MCSA and I work for a small college as the evening IT Administrator. I love it, it’s the best thing I could have done…

          Best of luck!!!

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