Acquired a laptop... has 3 installations of windows! Only need 1!

By mwilhelmus ·
My friend just got a laptop from another of his buddies, and we were cleaning out the windows XP install, and then it asked us to re-activate windows XP. It has 2 other installations of windows, both of them being windows 2k. The windows 2k installations are new, had no programs, were just base installations. We can't use Windows XP, it's taking up a ton of space, and we don't need 2 installations of windows 2k. We don't have the discs for either installation. Is there a way for me to uninstall windows XP and one of the windows 2k installations? All he is going to do is use the internet and play games on it. The good 2k installation will work fine. Thanks for your help!

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Try This

by uppulurivasu In reply to Acquired a laptop... has ...

In Windows XP, you can go this way.
Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery > Settings > Click on Edit Button (its nothing but the boot.ini file).
Remove the unwanted lines (keep the windows 2k line) and restart the machine.
If you want to remove the remaining installations, please go to those folders and hit Shift+Delete.

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Depends which is installed to the C Partition

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Acquired a laptop... has ...

If it's one of the W2K Installs you can use that one and delete the other 2 installations though you'll have to do a bit of editing at the initial Boot Up Screen to delete the Multiple Boot Option.

However if there is XP Installed to the C Partition it will need to stay put as all the boot files are written to that partition and are required to allow the computer to load initially.


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