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    Acquire new equipment


    by llopezcr766 ·

    Hello All…. I don’t know what I need to get, so I’m here.

    I have a company located in Central America, we were 6 people working.

    I have a small network here with a Router Linksys EA6350 and a 16 port switch with 13 wireless devices connected + 6 desktop computers.

    recently we hired 10 more people, so this means 20 more devices + Laptops + 6 wifi printers

    we had to move to another location a bigger one so I bought 4 Access Points

    2 EAP610 TP-Link and 2 EAP225 TP-Link to cover the area.

    2 of these Access points (1 EAP610 and 1 EAP225 ) constantly decrese the download/upload speed… and some clients even got disconnected for a few seconds.

    I think it is the main router.

    Some people have recommended Mikrotik RB5009UG+S+IN or TP-Link ER7212PC i’m not a computer engineer or technician, but I like this and I have learned how to configure some routers and how it works, not like a pro of course.

    Please need some advice

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      Reply To: Acquire new equipment

      by birdmantd ·

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      Since you admit that you are not an engineer/technician, I suggest that you hire someone locally who is already educated/qualified to do so. Some things will be difficult for you and that’s why we hire experts when we don’t know or are not comfortable doing it yourself.

      You can ask questions on forums like this, but don’t count on a forum to resolve such issues for you.

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        Acquire new equipment

        by llopezcr766 ·

        In reply to Reply To: Acquire new equipment

        Not asking to resolve my issues.

        Asking for a suggestion of what equipment would be the best for the amount of users I provided.

        but thanks for your useless answer.

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          Reply To: Acquire new equipment

          by birdmantd ·

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          You are welcome, however you were not very clear in your question. Keep in mind that what products are available in the US where I am, may not be available where you are. It is hard to say what specifically is the best for your business. We don’t know enough to give you a specific make/model of such a product. We don’t know your budget. Your question cannot be easily answered through an internet forum. This is why I suggested that you find a local source.

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      Back to the makers.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Acquire new equipment

      I’d ask the maker or manufacturer if they think the gear will resolve the issues.

      That said when I have such a client I often find them victims of the sunk-cost fallacy. In short, we rarely re-use any of the existing gear because we can’t stand up to any guarantee that the system will work correctly.

      Given the size of the system you would have your network specialist redesign with office or commercial grade equipment such as Microtik or Cisco.

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