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Acrobat 5.0 - Free Text Tool Transparent

By lc ·
Please help!
I am brand new, but did not see this subject and any help wouold be greatly appreciated.
The free taxt tool in Acrobat 5.0 has decided to print transparent text - I can make it visible by changing the border color of the text box but just barely.
I thought I saw someone mention that there might be a registry fix, but now I can't find it again.

I have looked everywhere and now throw my self at the mercy of any Techrepublic GURU who can offer help.

Thank you.

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by JonathanPDX In reply to Acrobat 5.0 - Free Text T ...

The Free Text Tool creates objects that Acrobat classifies as "comments." Perhaps a silly question, but is the "Print Comments" box checked in your print dialog box? If that's not the case then I can look further. What settings do you have in your Properties dialog for the Free Text boxes?

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by lc In reply to

Jonathan -
Thanks. The problem is with the screen view - print comments is checked in the print dialog box. Let me add that I did here some murmerings of other people having this proble with Acrobat 5.0. Also it is a new problem - used to work fine. I thought I saw something about transpaency settings that could be changed in the registry, but have not been able to relocate them again.

Thanks to you (or any others) for your input.


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free text transparency problem

by jonathan.crellin In reply to

I eventually discovered a solution, by deleting the 'Adobe Acrobat 5 Prefs.plist' file from your ~/library/preferences directory (MacOSX). This 'reset' the normal free text 'style'. However I think there is another way which probably works even on Windows. If you ctrl click on the free text box, and bring up its properties you will see that the 'line' property colour is set to something very faint. Perversely this seems to be the colour of the text, rather than the colour of the border. To get rid of a border around the text box you need to set its 'size' to 0.

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by JonathanPDX In reply to Acrobat 5.0 - Free Text T ...

I've been trying to figure out what it is you're seeing in your document. Do you have a sample .pdf you could send me that demonstrates this problem?

I've looked at the Registy settings for Acrobat, and there is one that references tranparency, but it's not readily apparent what it refers to.

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Acrobat 5.0.5 Free Text Tool Transparency/Colour

by rwatson In reply to

I have the same problem. Did anyone ever come up with a solution?

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This issue rears it's ugly head again.

by tigergem In reply to Acrobat 5.0 - Free Text T ...

I STILL have acrobat 5.0, now running it on XP Pro 64 bit, and it was working perfectly fine until tonight. Now when I create a free text tool box, and type in it, the typing disappears once I click on the hand to move the box. Is there a remedy for this? I had this issue once before with this same version of acrobat, but that was several years ago, and I forget now what it took to fix it.

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Oh just ducky.

by tigergem In reply to This issue rears it's ugl ...

I tried to reinstall Acrobat thinking something got corrupted, and not only is it trying to install it to a drive that I did not select, but it is trying to install it to a drive letter that doesn't even exist. AND even though it somehow gets past that point and error message, it won't recognize my serial number. The same serial number I have had for years, and used on three different machine builds, including this one. Says it isn't a valid Adobe serial number. I feel like I have been screwed by Adobe.

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Update to 5.0.5 finds no product installed to update.

by tigergem In reply to This issue rears it's ugl ...

It's installed. It really is. And I have a valid serial number. And despite all my effort, my program is ruined by this mysterious Free Text Tool disappearing act. And no help from any support people. Anywhere. Just an Adobe ruse to force someone who doesn't want to update the program. Acrobat 5.0 worked FINE for me, and I will go with a different PDF company before I cow to Adobe's ruse.

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