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HELP! I downloaded Republic Techs recommended download for Acrobat 5.0, well almost. FYI, using XP Pro.

However, instead of update/patch to 5.05 the update was 5.07. I installed that from Adobe.

Bad news, while I do have Acrobat 5.05 installed on my computer, and I can open existing pdf files by opening Acrobat first, I can no longer open an existing pdf from Word nor can I make a new pdf directly from Word.

What I get when trying to open an existing pdf via Word is a long string like this:


55 0 obj
/Linearized 1
/O 58
/H [ 1211 232 ]
/L 88640
/E 82394
/N 1
/T 87422
endobj xref
55 29
0000000016 00000 n

I ended this on page 2 of 565!!!! pages. This is only a two page doc.

I see the word "linearized", and it certainly is.

ATtempted these fixes:
I've uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat 5.05. No change.

Next I backed up all of My Docs and uninstalled & reinstalled MS Office. No change.

Any recommendations to correct or uninstall it? I believe this patch goes to several areas of XP and Acrobat. It is not available as a software to uninstall.

Thanks & Be Well,

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My recommendations . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ACROBAT 5.05 PATCH PROBLE ...

Uninstall Acrobat - thereby saving yourself at least 97MB.

Download and install 'FoxIT': losing 2.75MB.

Over-all Saving = 94.25MB

I have NEVER used Word.

I use Open Office (which has its own internal PDF engine).

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