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    Acrobat: Error Opening Document. Access denied.


    by jenmcalkins ·


    I am a mac user, so this is weird for me. Here goes..
    I am using Print Shop Mail to make postcards for a department within our company. Basically I upload variable data into PSM, it gathers logos, art files, etc and spits out a PDF file, which is placed onto the departments server for their reps to approve and send on to the print shop. I use a PC to run PSM and place the pdf file into the department file (on server) for their approval.

    One person within the department is getting error messages when trying to access certain files on her computer when attempting to open it up within Acrobat (7). (Can’t use 8 – against the dept “rules”.) The message says: “There was an Error opening this document. Access denied.”

    I can open this particular file on the machine I created it on. Other people within the department have not had problems, she’s the only person that is unable to view anything in the department files.

    Since I use a mac at my normal workstation, I’m trying to see if I can open this pdf on it, but I have to wait until the PC is free again so I can load it on a flash drive and haul it to my machine.

    Any ideas? Is this a permissions problem on the server, is it a problem with Print Shop Mail creating the pdf, is it a corrupt PSM file?

    I am also going to check and see if for some reason the file in her folder is a shortcut and not the actual file.

    This really is crazy, and unfortunately it’s an urgent project.

    I’d really appreciate your input.


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