Acronis cloning for backup only

By oooolivier ·
Hi there,

I'd like to create a clone of my hardrive but
not to swap it, only as a bootable backup.
When looking at Acronis (9) manual it mention
that after the cloning is completed I have to
swap the disk, which would not fit my need.

Any idea?


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Manuals are good but...

by CG IT In reply to Acronis cloning for back ...

if you clone the drive to another drive, do a little experimentation like take the original drive out, boot to the clone, see if it works, then put the original back in, see if that works, if all is well then Bah! to the manual. line out the section that says put the clone in. Pencil in your own instructions.

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This is because the Manual is written with the idea that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Acronis cloning for back ...

After Cloning a HDD to something bigger you will want to use the new HDD. It is not mandatory that you change the HDD over but it is recommended that you at least check the Clone for Function.

If it doesn't work as required it isn't a Backup that works though all that may be required is to read the Drive from the Computer as an external HDD to make sure that you actually have your Data on it. If you can access your data and are not using things like EFS it doesn't matter if you change the drive over.

But I must warn you if you are using Windows Encrypted File System you should make sure that the Clone actually works or you may not be able to recover readable data in the event of something going wrong.


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