ACT! 2.0.9 on a Windows XP-SP3 PC

By rovoco ·
My client has been running ACT! version 2.0.9 successfully for many years on his Windows 98SE PC. His customer database is in ACT! I advised him to upgrade to Windows XP-SP3. ACT! 2.0.9 runs under XP with the following exception: the
second page of customer data will not appear when requested. Symantec offers no support for ACT! 2.0.9 (not surprising, since they no longer publish any version of ACT!). Is this
a function of a 16 bit application trying to run on a 32 bit OS, or does it have more to do with the filing system? Will a later version of ACT! which runs in WIN XP, accept the data
files from version 2.0.9? If so, where can I obtain a later version? This is a very critical database, so I would appreciate any help.

Peter L. Rogers

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I would suspect that an application compatibility issue

by robo_dev In reply to ACT! 2.0.9 on a Windows X ...

is the problem. Most likely the app was written in visual basic, and the VB version on XP is waaaay wrong.

Have you tried running it in 'compatibility mode'?

Also, you could run a whole instance of Win98 as a virtual PC, using the free Windows 'Virtual PC' application. Then any Win98 app would work just fine.

Last but not least, upgrade the app:

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