ACT! Version 2.0.9 in Windows XP

By rovoco ·
A client has been using ACT! Version 2.0.9 for several years on a Windows 98SE PC. His entire customer database is in ACT! 2.0.9. I advised him to upgrade to Windows XP, since 98 is no longer supported by Microsoft. He did so, but found that while ACT! 2.0.9 runs in XP, it will not display the "reverse page" of the data entry screen. Symantec no longer supports ACT! and I was unable to obtain any help from them (not surprising). I have tried contacting Mr. Lee at, who is an acknowledged expert on these situations, but have not received an answer. Perhaps he is stumped as well. If an upgrade to a later version would solve this problem, please let me know. Also, if there is a source for the newer version, I need to know that, too.
Any assistance you can provide would be helpful.

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Have you tried:

by robo_dev In reply to ACT! Version 2.0.9 in Win ...

Running the program in 'compatibility mode' in XP?

Tried running at different screen resolution?

If all else fails you could load Win98 in a Microsoft Virtual PC window and run ACT in that Window.

Does the program give an error message, or just not go to the next page?

Is the problem that the navigation button does not work? (Maybe there is a keyboard shortcut that does work?)

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ACT! 2.0.9 in Windows XP

by rovoco In reply to Have you tried:

Thanks for your response. I have tried running the program in Win98 compatibility mode with no luck. I get no error messages, it just won't display the next page. The navigation button just doesn't produce anything, even a blip. There is no keyboard shortcut that I can find. Am running in a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Will try 640 x 480, which is the Win 98 resolution.
Hate to load WIN98 in a virtual PC window, but if all else fails, I will try this. Any idea where I might get a copy of ACT! 4.0? I may be able to migrate the data and I think 4.0 will run in Windows XP. I have not had any luck finding a copy, but I have an inquiry posted on e-Bay. Thanks for your help!

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