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activate boot-cd-option -important tips

By europanorama ·
i have burnt a windows-boot-cd and had great troubles running it on a new p4-system which already running with a smaller harddisk.
i have tested existing boot-cds on 3 pcs(pentium 166mmx, cdrom(slave on first), burner as master in secondary, p 200mmx, cd-rom as master,burner as slave, p4-dvd as master on secondary, burner as slave on sec.
two important factors will make the cd run:
1. boot-cd must be set in eighther primary-slave or secondary master.
on the p166mmx i could not make the cd run on secondary master-burner.
2. when setting up cd-rom/dvd-drives it is not necessary to make any changings in cmos/bios setup. maybe i could err for some mainboards cd-rom must bne installed there. with my 3 pcs no changings had to be made to runcds/dvds the normal way within windows. running a boot-cd does not only ask for cdrom as first boot-device but also auto or cdrom/if available must be set. i have tried out all options on these 3 pcs. its a fact.
when you have cd-rom(first) ide0(second) in bios then at start you can decide if you do not miss the command, whether to start from cd or let windows start as usual. of course normally there is no data on a hdd when installing.then cd will start automatically.
links to: how burninga windows 2000-cd with sp3

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activate boot-cd-option -important tips

by TheChas In reply to activate boot-cd-option - ...

Thanks for the information Michael.

1 additional tip.
When you record a CD for use as a boot disk make sure that you close BOTH the disk and the session.

Also, if you have some, use a 650 MB blank for maximum drive compatability.


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