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Activation of Win 8 clean install

By DugE1230 ·
I initially tried to download Win 8 onto my 60gb SSD hard drive running Win 7 but there was not enough room and it failed. I decided to upgrade to a new 480 GB Intel 520 series SSD and plugged it into the old 60 GB connections. I went to the computer store and told them what I did and that I wanted software to do the fresh install of Win 8 Pro. It installed good but I can't activate it because there is no previous installation (brand new drive). I went back to the store and they were very helpful but the conclusion was that the software I got did require a previous Windows programme and they gave me my money back because they could not sell me a complete Win 8 for fresh install or even an OEM version.
So now I am running Win 8 but cannot activate it. I am willing to buy a key but cannot easily do this unless I buy a OEM version from some of the smaller on line shops. Microsoft don't want to know about it which confuses me for surely it is business for them??
Is there a good way to fix this because I do want to activate it and currently I have Win 8 for free which is not acceptable to my ethics.

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they sold you an upgrade

by PurpleSkys In reply to Activation of Win 8 clean ...

or at least that's what it sounds like to me. You wouldn't be able to install an upgrade on a brand new drive, there would have had to of been an OS on the drive already. If you have a Win 7 cd, you could install it first and then apply the Win 8 upgrade.

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by DugE1230 In reply to they sold you an upgrade

Yes they conceded that and gave me my money back but nowhere on the box did it say that!
Also there was nothing on the new hard drive, I had Win 7 on the drive I removed and to install this onto the new drive is not an option for 3 reasons: It was an upgrade anyway and similar issues will emerge; I want to do a clean install; I am pissed off with Microsoft not allowing the option of a clean install.
I am going to buy a new OEM version and hope that this doesn't give problems.
I actually have Win 8 working well on the new drive but I get continual reminders to activate it and am afraid that it will crash.

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Unlikely to crash

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to upgrade

But it will shut down and not allow you to log in after it has been loaded for 30 days or there abouts.

I haven't actually bothered to read the M$ Directions on how long you have to activate but in the past it's always been 30 days and I can not see that changing.


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