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    Active Desktop on NT 4.0


    by phuocngo ·

    How do I generate active desktop on the client PC without installing IE 4.0 with active desktop? I uninstalling the current version of IE 5.0 on the machine, uninstall option is not available on the add/remove panel since the IE uninstall folder had been remove from the system.

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      by robin_champion ·

      In reply to Active Desktop on NT 4.0

      Execute this command in a console session :

      IE5Setup.exe /c:”ie5wzd /e:IE4Shell_NTx86 /I:Y”

      Another (longer) way is to do the following :

      1. Run IE 5.0 setup, ie5setup.exe.
      2. When the license dialog appears, locate the iesetup.cif file in a sub-folder of the %TEMP% folder.

      3. Use Notepad to open iesetup.cif.

      4. For each occurence of UIVISIBLE=0, change it to UIVISIBLE=1.

      5. Save the file.

      6. Accept the license agreement.

      7. Choose Custom Install. You will see Windows Desktop Update in the list of selectable components.

      NOTE: You may have to use Add/Remove Programs to Repair Internet Explorer.

      Neither of these solutions are my own, but I’ve successfully used both.

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