Active Directory 2000 FSR and FSMO Issues

By KPrescott ·
Folks, we need some help.

We currently have 5 domain controllers in our root domain. The one that holds all of the FSMO roles (call it DC01) is up and online but we have two different problems, which are probably related, but for now we are treating them differently.

1 - Replication services appear to be running fine across the domain but for some reason replication is not occurring at the configuration and domain partition level. Sysvol is also not being updated consistently. Basically we have determined using replmon.exe that there are numerous changes that are just not replicating out across the domain. The configuration partition issues appear to be with updating NTDS site settings, and the domain partition replication issues appear to be related to objects in AD. We are not getting any errors on any of the domain controllers about the replication issues, however.

2 - FSMO roles - all 5 roles are held by DC01, however, when we run DCDiag on any of our domain controllers, all tests indicate that DC01 owns the schema and the domain naming master roles but for some reason thinks the owner has been deleted. We have researched this issue and it appears that the only way to fix this is by seizing the roles to another DC. Usually this only needs to occur when a DC totally crashes and the role owner cannot be contacted.

My questions -

1. Does anyone have suggestions for fixing replication? We have searched KB articles far and wide and haven't found anything that seems helpful. It could be that issue number 1 is due to issue number 2 but we aren't sure.

2. Is there any way to fix the FSMO role holder without seizing the role from DC01? We have attempted a transfer from itself to itself but it complains that the role owner could not be contacted. Is there a registry setting or a key using ADSIedit that dictates to ADS what the GUID of the DC is that owns the role? Can this be tricked or faked. Every article I have read, ended up in a seizure of the roles that were owned by a deleted object.

Any out of the box ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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