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    Active Directory


    by xiaitmb ·

    Currently,company is on a NT4 DC sitting on a old P2 server, with domain name example: conameabc. There are just a few settings on this old DC.
    Going to setup a new 2k3 DC on a new server, and thinking of changing the domain name example coname12.
    1. Is it advisable to change the domain name ?
    2. Supposedly i will to go ahead with changing the domain name, on the users’ PCs which are currently logged on to domain conameabc, what must i do to ensure that when they logged onto the new domain coname12, they have exactly all the links and icons on their desktops? is it via profiles, i tried something, but didn’t work, appreciate the steps to this? or other approach, appreciate guidance.
    3. Some servers are joined to the old domain, will there be any problem if they are to be change to the new domain?

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      There is no easy answer here but this might help you

      You’ll also need to be running the 2003 Server in [b]Mixed Mode[/b] so it can work with the NT4 box till it’s removed. Depending on the workstations involved you may need to keep the system in Mixed Mode to allow the workstations to communicate with the new server this is something that you are going to have to do some research on before deploying.


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      by scndtnr ·

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      I’d recommend that you look into using Microsoft’s Active Directory Migration Tools package; among other things, it will allow you to transfer user and computer accounts (including servers) and maintain individual profile settings.

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