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Active Directory - 5 Roles and backups

By lyssaun ·
what would be required to make sure we get a complete backup of Active directory and the 5 roles (if necessary) for our domain. Since the roles are spread between DC01 and DC02, I am not confident that a backup of one will allow us to recover properly.

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This might help

by stress junkie In reply to Active Directory - 5 Role ...

I couldn't help but notice that you posted the same question in the same category three times. That's a great idea. I think, though, that the minimum amount of posts of the same question is eleven. There's no doubt in my mind that if you post the same question eleven times then that will REALLY get people's attention.

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Re: this might help

by lyssaun In reply to This might help

well did you have a solution to my question at all?

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Technical Q&A

by Lost_one In reply to Re: this might help

Try there! You will not get an answer here even if you post it 11 times. This is the discussion forum of course you are going to get smart *** answer to technical questions.

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Excess posts removed?

by stress junkie In reply to This might help

Apparently elves have removed the other two identical posts. I ain't never seen 'em do that before.


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possible solution

by ahsanmohiuddin82 In reply to Active Directory - 5 Role ...

Ops Masters roles cannot be replicated..however, if the DC who has these roles goes down, another dc in the domain can seize these roles..this seizure (probably) happens automatically in win2003, IF connection objects exist (replication is enabled) between the two DCs.

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