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I have many users that are being managed via Active Directory. The default Domain Policy is in place, and handles the folder redirection and such. We have 2 servers and a Primary Domain Controller. On Server 1, all of the users My Documents folders are redirected to a folder called "users". In that folder are each of the indivdual users' folders that hold the contents of My Documents. The individual folder for each user is mapped via a batch file that runs every time the user logs in, via Active Directory. But the redirection is set in the Domain Policy. Recently we have decided to move the Users' folders to the PDC, from server 1. I have tested placing users into a new Organiztional Unit with Active Directory, and removing the default Domain Policy, and creating a new one. In this new policy I changed the redirection to go to the PDC User folder.
So, it now reads in the My Documents properties, under redirection, \\pdc\users\%username% instead of \\server1\users\%username%. Well, when I try to log in as a current user, once they have been placed in a different Organizational Unit with the new Policy, the folder is not redirected, it still says \\server1\users\%username%. Create a new user, in the Organizational Unit, the policy works. Also, If I change any of the properties of the users in Active Directory, the settings apply instantly, so it does not seem like a refresh problem. We have tried several different users, and some work and some don't, but most don't. I have messed around with the various Domain Settings but nothing has changed. So, my question is, does anyone have any advice? It appears that the default domain policy, which applies to the entire domain, is overriding the new policy I set for the Organizational Unit (Which still resides in the same domain). But, like I said, it works for new users, and some other users but not for others.

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Active Directory

by d.walker5 In reply to Active Directory

What about the log on batch file?

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Active Directory

by SteveF68 In reply to Active Directory

Make sure you are blocking policy inheritance at the OU level.

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Active Directory

by dbowlin In reply to Active Directory

I am not quite sure I understand why you would want to do this but here are a few ideas.

Why not set up a DFS mount point in the old location, to the new location and be done with it?

I don't have a lot of practical experience with Group Policy, so I wonder if some of the NTFS rules of copy vs move are coming into play here. Maybe something worth checking.

Anyway, good luck.


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