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    Active Directory – Adding a Domain Controller Issue


    by tfloyd ·

    I am new to Server 2003 and Active Directory and have been put up to the task of adding a DC to a Domain that has been up and running with a DC for a while now. There will be 1 DC in each site and as of right now Site #1 DC is up and running just fine. I am attempting to add a DC to Site #2 but am having issues when trying to install AD. BTW we use local IP’s and register the DC on an external DNS server with the state. (each DC has an internal and exteral ip

    I was able to get the Domain registered under its name (i.e. but I find when I go to register the DC with AD it will not find the Domain Name and mentions a DNS issue. (An AD domain controller could not be contacted. Ensure DNS name typed correctly). We use external DNS provider and not a local DNS server for our Centers. The way I was able to get the DC to register under the Domain was to use a local address for DNS but this will nto work under AD as it still says unable to contact DC. I am however, able to ping the main DC just fine.

    I am sure a few of you have had these issues , but what would be a possible resolution to an issue like this one? Thank you in advance…

    Please let me know if you need more info and what you will need…

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      get dns

      by dw_ay ·

      In reply to Active Directory – Adding a Domain Controller Issue

      DC requirement is DNS. Microsoft recommends that it should be a DNS and DC (as a GC too) server in every site.
      You should configure a local dns, just use your first DC as a local DNS, host your domain there then configure your first DC to use DNS local IP in TCP/IP setting not ISP DNS. Set properties local DNS – forwarding unresolved names to your external/ISP DNS.
      After the first site finished then open AD sites and srvcs, define a new site, a new subnet that will be used as site 2. Then set IP of your new server in the appropriate range of subnet, then do dcpromo on this server, after finished the new dc will be in site 2. Just to make sure before dcprm configure dns in the new server then use its own IP as primary DNS in TCP/IP, and also configure its DNS to forward to the DNS in site1. After that configure the new DC as a GC too so users in site 2 can use this DC.
      Hope this can help, if still a problem then let me know.

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      add the new site

      by b-more ·

      In reply to Active Directory – Adding a Domain Controller Issue

      You need to add the new site into the ad sites and services and add the server to that particular site in ad and then try to go from there also make sure dns has the correct A records

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