Active Directory - Adding Computer

By karen.kuhn ·
Replaced a computer that had a bad hard drive. It was not removed from Active Directory since it was non-responsive. We replaced the hard drive, gave the PC a new SID, and are now ready to put it back on the system.

I removed the PC from DNS.

PC is shown on the network. I understand that it needs to be deleted before we start it up and add it to the network.

Just wondering if the Active Directory gives it its own SID independent of the SID that the PC has? What information from the comptuer does Active Directory use?

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Active Directory - Adding Computer

by bonillajose In reply to Active Directory - Adding ...

Unfortunately late I answer this, may be that help some one else.

You must to delete the account of the old pc from Users and computers console also because when you try to join the domain active directory cannot create a duplicated name for the new SID.

Then, sometimes after you add the new computer, AD doesn't allow users login to the pc on the domain as result of this issue, you need to remove the pc from the domain and join it again.

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This might help you, or it might not.....

Joining your vista PC to your domain

Is the same as a XP machine check the one of the following solution.
Solution 1
Start?>Control Panel and Select system and Maintenance.
Click the System section.In the ?Computer name, domain, workgroup settings? section, click the ?Change settings? link.
If you?re prompted by the User Account Control module to continue, click Continue.
In the Computer Name tab of the properties, click the Change button.
In the ?Member of? section, select Domain and enter the name of the domain and click OK.
You?ll be prompted for an account with rights to join the Computer to the domain. Enter the details and click OK.
Click OK to the welcome dialog box.Click OK to the notice that the machine will be rebooted.
Click Close to the dialog box
Click Restart Now to the restart prompt.
Once the reboot is complete, the machine will be part of your domain.
Solution 2
Use Netdom.exe to add the computer to the domain.
netdom join ComputerName /domain:DomainName/userd:UserName /passwordd:UserPassword
Yes, there is a letter ?d? after user and password in the netdom command.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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by yasser_khan In reply to Active Directory - Adding ...

You may be able to view the SIDs assigned to the machine by using adsiedit or adfind or dsquery and verify if the SID is now different. adsiedit may require conversion of the objectSID attribute.

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