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    Active Directory Admin from Scratch


    by vittu1977 ·


    Our campus has recently moved to Windows Server 2003 and is using Active Directory. Our IT Department has been assigned an OU and will be responsible for administrating the branch for our 100+?? users. We are currently using Novell Netware 6.1. The campus also plans on implementing Xythos filesharing. We would like to move to AD first and still have access to our Novell files until we can move them all to Xythos. My colleague and I are familair with Netware, but will be learning AD from scratch.

    We have started with the following books:

    Inside Active Directory: A System Administrator’s Guide by Sakari Kouti

    Active Directory Bible (With CD-ROM) by Curt Simmons

    Active Directory, Second Edition by Alistair G. Lowe-Norris

    Active Directory for Dummies by Marcia Loughry

    Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for this project? Or a sample of a project plan. We would obviously like to have a detailed plan in place before we begin.

    Thanks in advance for any information.


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      Here are some exellent books

      by house ·

      In reply to Active Directory Admin from Scratch

      Check out SYBEX. These guys are number one in the MCSE training route. They have AD planning, design, and implimentation books. Check out some of their certification training paths and locate AD design. Great books with case studies and practical real word examples.

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      Try cbt nuggets Web site

      by degwell ·

      In reply to Active Directory Admin from Scratch

      i have used it and in three months i went from not knowing what active directory was all about to setting it up on the fly. try the videos i have used them!!

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      Same Boat

      by d50041 ·

      In reply to Active Directory Admin from Scratch

      I have the same situation, Netware 6 (I am a MAster CNE too) and moving to MS2003 with about 100 computers. Microsoft has some $50 a day training nationwide onActive Directory fundementals, as well as security, and XP implementation in a company. Check these very low cost courses out. The XP course was $98 and included a 600 page notebook and almost all hands on labs, not much lecture. Excellent !!

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