Active Directory Change Auditing: Is It Important?

By Harold123 ·
We recently began looking into third-party solutions for enhanced Active Directory change auditing, and given our lacking IT budget, I'm curious to know if you find this to be a primary necessity? For obvious reasons (mainly security and compliance), it's important to know what's going on within Active Directory, but I'm wondering if you're auditing changes, and if so, how you're doing it.

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It depends

by robo_dev In reply to Active Directory Change A ...

If there are not all that many changes, then simply enable auditing and archive your can get most of what you need in the event logs.

If there are lots of changes, and lots of administrators, then an AD tool would be very useful.

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Active Directory Change Audits

by cagjax In reply to Active Directory Change A ...

While a tool is helpful, there are basic considerations you can do as well. Limiting the number of privileged accounts, who has access to what, limit service accounts and what they can do using group policies, require documentation and review. While those steps are not foolproof, they are a start in the right direction.

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