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By cigargent ·
I know that you can locally change the columns that you are viewing in AD Users & Computers from the default (Name, Type Description) to add something else, like Office...but can it be done on a global level in a domain, so that when anyone (authorized) opened up AD U&C and looks at the Users OU, they would see not only the 3 default columns, but also the one that I added?

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not really

by lowlands In reply to Active Directory - Changi ...

those view options are specific to the mmc console on a per user basis. I think the only way around that is to create a custom console and distribute that to all users that need to look at it. To do this, run mmc.exe, add user and computers, select the additional columns and then do file/save as.

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Well dang...

by cigargent In reply to not really

I was hoping to clean up our AD user list, as we have had to create various OUs for some of the positions in the company. What I was hoping to do is to put everyone (unless needed to be separate) back into the Users OU and to add just one more column that everyone could easily sort by. That way they could quickly check *ONE PLACE* for users by name, by decription(which in this case is their job title), and Office (which is the location, like #003 or AnyTown,USA).
So there is no way for AD, maybe on the schema level, to push out a display with customized columns whenever someone in our domain tries to view the Users OU in Active Directory Users & Computers?
I can't believe that I'm the only one who would have found that useful.

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