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active directory corrupted

By jacobbasker ·
i have one windows2000 server with oracle database running. today when i started system could not get into active directory. displayed a big message saying active directory service failed
please help me to recitfy this problem as soon as possible

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by ewgny In reply to active directory corrupte ...

The first thing to check is to make sure DNS is functioning properly

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by ewgny In reply to

I certainly did read the question. Just because Active directory service failed does not mean that AD is corrupted. AD and DNS are inter- dependent. AD requires DNS to function.
In a single DC Forest you will have problems if DNS service does not start prior to AD service upon a reboot, if DNS is installed only on the same server.

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by azizhakim In reply to active directory corrupte ...

I certainly hope answer #1 read your question about starting AD. My suggestion is to go to recovery mode and the first thing to do
1)dump your header file to see the state of database
If consistent is on console,you have a clue that AD is healthy
2)I do not recall all sequence but you can get help by typing HELP at have a few options
3)If Database is consistent you can run integrity check and "FORCE REPAIR OF dB".I do not recall exact commands but help will help.
4)if none of repair helps than I would do an authoritative restore of most recent backup and than reboot to bring AD back
I hope this helps because these are the steps i undertook to recover AD.
NB Always have more than 1 DC.With multi master Ad will always have a redundant AD.

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