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Active Directory Data Source in Excel

By jon ·
Is it possible to use Excel to read the user container in Active Directory to build a "phone list" of people in the organization?

What other methods could I use... they have excel spreadsheets in this company that are updated manually and it's driving me insane.

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by Garret` In reply to Active Directory Data So ...

You could try the utility 'csvde' to export the data you need.

After a bit of tweaking with switches you might be able to run something like this from CMD, depending how your DC and OU's are set up:

CSVDE -f PhoneExport.csv -l "displayName, telephoneNumber" -d "OU=Users,DC=com"

This makes a file called PhoneExport.csv. Open it in Excel and use text to columns, filtered by comma, and delete any data you don't want. You should be left with just the user's name and thier phone number.

Here's a couple of refrences.

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Active Directory to Excel

by awassan In reply to Active Directory Data So ...

Check this script might be this will help you.

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by frank In reply to Active Directory Data So ...

You should be able to do an ldap query for every phone number that your user accounts have assigned to them.

Use CSVDE.exe ... Download it from Microsoft.

then you will have to create a query, run it from the cmd line and it will write all applicable entries to a targetted excel file...

csvde -f exportusers.csv -d "DC=shaskan,DC=com" -r "(objectCategory=user)"

This will spit out a list of every user in your directory.

EX 2.. (specific to you)
csvde -f exportusers.csv -d "DC=shaskan,DC=com" -r "(&(objectCategory=person)(objectclass=user)(givenname=*))" -l "name,title,mail,department,telephonenumber"

Honestly, this is an administration tool. I will do what you want though. You will just have to select and delete the first column... it contains the DN for the user.
You can format it to your preferences by arranging your output specified after the -l switch.

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