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I have a specific Design quesiton which referes to AD Traffic.

Here is the scenario.

company A Location : Main Office

Has Domain ABC and 1 Point to point Link to branch office.

Company B was a sepereate company boought 1 yesar ago who has this setup.

Comapnay B has domain xyz and has 10 Branch offices connected through IPSEC tunnels.

There is a IPSEC Tunnel from Company A to Company B

I want to Integrate these 2 forests into a new Forest

So my Question is

Since there is no point to Point link between
Company A and Company B ( However there is ipsec tunnel)

What is the best way to recomendation to Consolidate these 2 forest?

Can I create New Domain called at Company A which is the HQ
and keep on adding DC to Company B and its 5 branch offices.

Will IP SEC tunnel be able to handle this traffic ?

Each remote locaiton will have its own DNS DHCP, and File and print servers.
I am planning to keep GC at each remote loaction.

Thanks for your Advice!


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