'Active Directory Friendly' Storage Solution?

By csmeraglinolo ·
Good afternoon,

I am trying to find a solution to a storage issue I am having at one of my high schools. I need to have a place to store roaming profiles, folder redirects, general files, and the exchange store.

I was thinking of a Raided NAS, but do not want to have to deal with the issues of setting permissions every time I create new student accounts.

Are there any affordable (~$800) external solutions that would be Active Directory friendly as far as permissions and shares go, and that could be setup for RAID5? Both servers do have SCSI cards...

Thanks in advance!

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humm I know on Exchange 2000 you can't have the

by CG IT In reply to 'Active Directory Friendl ...

Exchange Server Information Store on another server.

you can move the logs and mailbox stores including public folder stores to another server.

Not much of a fan with NAS though it does get around the licensing problem of a computer box with an operating system and a bunch of hard drives in it that users store stuff on. I've had problems with Network Attached Storage because they have their own software that runs it which at times doesn't play well with AD.

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Never even thought of the licensing, good call!

by csmeraglinolo In reply to humm I know on Exchange 2 ...

Thank you for the reply, CG.

At one of my other locations, we have a external RAID enclosure filled with IDE drives that connects via SCSI. I'm thinking this may be the easiest implementation. Thoughts? Recommendations?

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never a good thing moving mailbox stores

by CG IT In reply to Never even thought of the ...

to another location that isn't sitting in the equipment room. Dependent on the WAN link and while those usually are dependable can be undependable.

The real issue isn't hardware, rather software. NAS box software that lets the box be seen as a network resource thus an object in Active Directory doesn't always recognize Active Directory rights & permissions. Granted my experience was when NAS boxes were first coming out so we decided against using them, I still get that clutch in the stomache when NAS is mentioned. First implemented, everyone put stuff on it, then came the "I can't get to my files" call every 5 minutes. Eventually we took out the NAS box and used a box with Windows server on it and stuffed it full of hdds. Since CALs were user CALs we didn't have a problem. But that NAS box was just one big administrative sinkhole.

If you use user CALs and have a Windows Server License, I'd say use that. It's far easier to manage as a member server with the role of a file server than a NAS box.

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Sounds like a headache I do not need

by csmeraglinolo In reply to never a good thing moving ...

Thank you for the reply!

I will look into an external raid array I can slap on the windows box. Thanks again. :)

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