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Active Directory GPO not being pushed via wireless network

By chris ·
I was hoping someone out there may be able to point me in the right direction. I have recently upgraded to Server 2003. The GPO's that were being pushed to clients no longer work and I can not get GPO's pushed wirelessly. I had to go in a recreate the GPO in order for it to work on network connected clients.
Wireless client still do not work. If I plug the laptop into the network the GPO will push fine. Whenever I try to push via wireless it does not work. Below is a list of what I am using:

HP Laptops with intel wireless NIcs or Cisco PCIMCIA wireless nic adapters. Neither work.

Cisco 1200 series access points

We are running 802.11G using WPA2 encryption.

The applications and internet work fine. The only piece that I seem to have issues with are pushing policies.

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Slow link detection

by lowlands In reply to Active Directory GPO not ...

This sounds like a problem with slow link detection. There are quite a few MS articles on this. Here's one:

Also do a search on Slow link detection. there is some tuning you can do

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More Information

by chris In reply to Slow link detection

I tried the suggestion you gave, still did not help. Here is more information about my issue:

I can push the Security policies. It is just Software pushes that will not work. I see when they start that it appears like it is going to push then the screen skips to the authentication.

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Same situation more or less..

by mrstaun In reply to More Information

We have in our Hong Kong department the same situation. There is only a wireless network, and no policies are applied to the workstations.

Would you be so kind to tell what kind of setup/ policies you are running to ensure that the network-logon is 'disabled' until the wireless network is up and running or what you are doing to make it work.

The HW setup is w2003, HP530 AP

Like you our wired network works fine.

Any help is much appreciated.

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no GPO push because no network connection

by thebadeye In reply to Same situation more or le ...

If you are using 802.11i and integrated login, the machine is not actually on the network until a user logs on, attempt machine cert id for wireless "bonded authentication" so the machine is on the network, when people are not physically logged in, then GPOs will push

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Educate me more, please :-)

by jviolanti In reply to Active Directory GPO not ...

Could someone provide more information about this solution:
"attempt machine cert id for wireless "bonded authentication" so the machine is on the network, when people are not physically logged in, then GPOs will push"
Is there 3rd party software required? Special switching infrastructure?

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bonded authentication

by arnaud16571542 In reply to Educate me more, please : ...

Like users, a machine/computer already have a login and a password. You don't need any special software to make it connected to your network.

The "Bonded Authentication" force the user to use a wireless connected-and-authenticated computer. With this feature, the user will be forced to use YOUR company's computers and can NOT use its personal computer to connect to your wireless network.

For this, you need an airport that support this feature.

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