Active Directory Group Policies Problem

By revenge_is_sweet01 ·
Hi i'm new to using windows server 2003 R2 and i have been trying to sort out a group policy. I have set it up as just a test server at the moment so i can teach myself how to use it. Heres the background of it:

I have created a new group policy which is linked to an OU. I have enforced the policy so that this policy is used over the default one. The new group policy has been set with various different settings 1 of them being so that it forces the user to use classic veiw instead of the windows xp default theme. I have added the client work station (which is using XP) i am using to the OU and also a couple of users for test purposes. However i am using a virtual machine as my test PC so it is easyier to manage.

The problem i am encountering is that when you log on as a user on the client machine at first it seems to apply the policy of having a classic theme as the window thats says it is apply the settings as u log in changes style to the classic theme but just before it fully logs in it quickly changes back to the default windows xp theme. Also when logging in for the first time it takes quite a while trying to apply the settings. Also none of the other policys seem to have taken affect such as denying use of the CMD Prompt, ect. Then when u log off and then re-login it just logs in faily quickly and doesnt even seem to try and apply the classic theme policy and the other policys still also do not work. It does this for every new account that is created when u login.

Sorry for the long post but i was trying to give you the whole picture. I would be greatful if anyone could get back to me and help me sort out this problem.

Thanks for reading

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Active Directory Group Po ...

Try adding the domain user you are using to login to the client test machine to the OU instead of the computer object.
Because these settings are User setting and not computer settings.

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by revenge_is_sweet01 In reply to User

Hey thx for the reply. Both the workstation and the domain user i am using are in the OU but the problem still persists.

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Re

I will assume that there is no conflict with other policies.
You can try to force Windows to update the GPO settings using "gpupdate /force" from the client OS.

And from MMC you can add and run RSoP (Resultant set of policy) to see if the policy is applied and if there is a conflict.

RSop is the best location to troubleshoot GPO settings.

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