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The co. I work for is currently migrating all their services to Azure Cloud including AD. We have run into a few issues which we are trying to resolve so was wondering if anyone has experience with AD in Azure.

So our AD is currently sitting on a VM in Azure Cloud. We are going to be using some migration tools called Profwiz (to migrate user profile settings) and Metalogix (for SharePoint data migration) but the issue we are having with both these tools is that you can only run / initiate the migration if you have 'Global Administrator' credentials. This is no good for us because we have 3rd party IT admins spread across different offices that will need to run these tools. This is a real pain in the B to find a workaround. We have gone back to these co's to ask if we can lower the level of access but they haven't found a solution yet.

Surely there is an easier way around this? Are there specific set of rights we need to make them work without global admin access? If you know of any other tools that don't need to run with global admin rights then please share! :-)

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