Active Directory Lockout

By Daygo ·
My AD account has limited admin rights on the network. When starting this job I would log into someone else's profile, map a network drive with my credentials to do an install or some other administrative task. By not disconnecting that drive within the user's profile I suffer from a lockouts when my password has been changed.

The problem is that these mapped drives are on MULTIPLE computers. I suffer from AD lockouts once EVERYDAY. If you agree with my theory please tell if there is a silver bullet to fix this problem short of logging into the domain controller and then tracking the source machine that caused the lockout.

Thanks for any help.

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Logon script

by shasca In reply to Active Directory Lockout

The Ideal way would be to use a logon script at startup that maps said drives with a set of credentials with proper rights. When the password is changed the script will continue to run at logon.

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How are mapping the Drives

by jhazard112 In reply to Logon script

This kind of matters believe it or not. How exactly are you mapping them? Are you going to My computer and map a network drive or how exactly? One way is have your account recreated. It may stink to do that but if you have a new account you will not be linked to the previously mapped drives

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My computer

by Daygo In reply to How are mapping the Drive ...

The drives were mapped in each instance by right clicking on my computer and going to 'map network drive'.

So you think if the AD account is deleted then recreated with the same name it will solve the issue?

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Couple of thoughts

by IC-IT In reply to My computer

It could be getting locked out because of failed attempts to map the drive with the old credentials i.e. lockout accounts with x number of failed logon attempts.

When mapping a drive to conduct an install do one of two things; either uncheck the reconnect at logon or use the address (or Run) area to type in the path.

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thanks for the thought

by Daygo In reply to Couple of thoughts

I have changed my ways in how I map drives from here on out. Actually I will just be using backslashes from the run menu.

But that does not help me with the daily lock out issue.

Thanks for any help.

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Sorry it was

by IC-IT In reply to thanks for the thought

a quick reply due to a mini trauma/drama here.

A check of the logs may reveal why the account is getting locked out. This tool/info also may help determine the cause;

Tool name, download info, etc;

I believe the other poster is right, blowing away your old account and creating another should prevent your new account from being locked. Be aware that any permissions, shared folders, exchange account, etc you had, will no longer be associated with your new account.

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