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Active Directory Migration

By swaithe ·

At present I have 3 DC running in a Windows 2000 environment. The PDC,ABC, is running Windows 2000 Server, another DC, ABC1, is also running Windows 2000 Server and the Exchange 2003 server, ABC2, is running Windows 2003 Server.

I would like to create a new domain.


Take the machine that is called ABC1, and scrub it and install Win2k3. It
would therefore act as the PDC in the new domain, TESTING.COM

Install an Active Directory Integrated zone

Create a trust relationship between old domain,TEST.COM and new domain, TESTING.COM

Install Active Directory Migration tool in the new domain created.

Move the user account and groups to the new domain

Install the Exchange Migration tool in target domain

Move mailboxes to new domain

Uninstall Exchange 2003 from the server called ABC2


Add it to new domain

Reinstall Exchange

Remove the server called ABC, install WIN2K3 on the server and add to the new domain

Transfer role of PDC emulator back to this system

Is this plan doable to create the new domain.
Is the process correct for adding the server which presently has Exchange on it to the new domain
I would like when the server running exchange is added to the new domain it is a Member server, how do I achieve this.

Are they any steps I am missing to accomplish the goal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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by BFilmFan In reply to Active Directory Migratio ...

A large number of questions here:

Domains within the same Active Directory forest have trusts automatically. Are you planning on creating a new AD forest?

Are any of these servers FSMOS?

You mentioned moving the PDC emulator, but not the Infrastructure Master or RID Master (aka the GUID Hander Outer). Are they on another server?

What is the DNS namespace configuration in the forest? Is it contiguous, meaning the domains all have the root domain in the name? Example:

Root domain is named X and child is y,; thus, the child domain's DNS name is

Or is it discontiguous? Using the example above, this would lead to and

Are any of these servers Small Business Server? You cannot rename domains on the fly with this product.

Do you have rights on the forest to put in a new domain?

And putting up a new domain will mean that you need to also create global catalogs.

It will not matter which domain the new Exchange 2003 servers goes into, as you can only have one Exchange organization per forest. If you are attempting to get a new domain name for mail delivery, it would be easier to set up a virtual SMTP domain. If you need a new domain name AND a new Exchange 2003 server, just put up a new SMTP virutal domain name and Exchange server in your current domain. Then do a mailbox move.

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by swaithe In reply to Active Directory Migratio ...


Thanks for responding.

This is a new forest/domain that is being created. At present all the roles are on the server opresently called ABC.

The DNS namespace is sdiscontigous, old domain is TEST.COM new domain space is NEW.COM.

I would create an external forest trust to allow the transfer of information of the two domains.

The Server which is presently called ABC2, which is located in the old domain. I would like to make this the primary exchange server in the new domain/forest TESTING.COM. How would I do this.

In order for me to move the mailboxes I would need to install Exchange on a system in the new domain.

How do I satisfy both of these requirements.

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