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Active Directory Mystery

By d.jones092 ·
This is an UGLY one folks.

I have an accounting package on a Win2k Server, running SP4. What's happening is that one of the program's "auto-calc" macros is returning a database error. However, the error is only occuring on 3 of 4 of the users of the system. The 3 who are having trouble are a mix between 2 Win98 machines, 1 Win2k Pro machine w/SP4. The person who is able to perform the macro has successfully done so on one of the 98 machines, so I do not believe this to be a machine specific problem. Upon checking the permissions on the directory, I see a groupd called domainname\accountspayable. When I look in AD Users/Computers, I am totally unable to find the group in question, and the troubled users do not show this group in any of their memberships. They are acting like they're members of this group because none of their other memberships would provide access to this directory. This is very strange. Has anyone else had trouble with "phantom" AD groups?

Thanks for any info.

Dennis Jones

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Active Directory Mystery

No, the group can either be a domain group or a local group on the server itself. A group cannot be hidden, you may be looking in wrong place.

What type of macro language is it using. Is it VBA or some propietary language? If VBA then the version of Office or VBS (latest is 5.6) may be the culprit.

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by d.jones092 In reply to

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by d.jones092 In reply to Active Directory Mystery

The group is nowhere to be found. Not local, not in the directory. It simply does not exist. I cannot find it.

As far as the macro, it's not really a macro in the traditional sense. It's more of an "autocalc" function that cascades changes in the account balance to any other account that may be linked to it. It's proprietary, built using BTrieve.

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by d.jones092 In reply to Active Directory Mystery

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