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active directory not save to local machine... click for better explination

By 5jgibbs ·
Well.. I know there must be a way. This is what I want to have done. When someone logs it, I don?t want it to save there settings to the C:\my documents\?username? as a local directory. I want it to pull everything from \\server\login\?username? and keep it there. So basically have an interactive session with the server. So if I was to create a new file in that users account on the desktop, and they refresh there desktop, I want it to appear right away. Not have to log out, save the settings, log back in. This is kinda how the OS X server works. So its almost like a remote desktop, and your computer is a terminal that holds the programs that you need to open the files off the server. If anyone can help me do this, or point me to an online tutorial.. that would be really helpful for me.

Thanks A LOT. You all here on tech republic are a HUGE HELP 

Happy New Year

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Unclear on Issue

by BFilmFan In reply to active directory not save ...

I am not clear on the issue exactly.

Windows OX saves user profile information either on the local subdirectory under documents and settings or it redirects it to the server as a roaming profile, which is then downloaded to whatever system the user is using.

Local and roaming profile settings are set by Group Policy Objects, which are integrated into Active Directory.

As for the user login information, that is stored in the Active Directory database NTDS.DIT, which is an Exstensible Storage Engine (ESE) database. Pulling that file to a desktop would do you absolutely no good, as the local workstation is not a domain controller.

If you are looking for remote desktop technology, you need to be looking at Terminal Server or Citrix Metframe Presentation server.

I believe you are looking to use roaming profiles and the link below will tell you how to set this up:

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ya.. .

by 5jgibbs In reply to Unclear on Issue

I want everything to remain on the server, NOTHING to be downloaded "local profile" under documents and settings. i want everything a user does, save a file to the desktop, save a file to my documents, save a file to my pictures, i want that ALL to be put on the server were the share is for the roaming profile.

As well as when a user opens a file from the desktop, it opens it from the server, but you just see it like its a local file. but its really a file on the server..


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Romaing Profiles

by BFilmFan In reply to ya.. .

Hmmmm in that case, you are looking at Terminal Server or Citrix Metaframe Presentation server or some other thin-client solution as with Roaming Profiles, it will indeed download the profile to the local system.

I've used both products and I can tell you that Citrix is the better product, but it isn't cheap.

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