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By lewko98 ·
Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas/ experiences/ direction on a good way to get some reporting information from Active directory. More specifically I would like to create an automated way to find out:
AD account Disabled for 90 days
Orphaned Mailboxes
AD account not logged in for 90 days
AD mailbox not logged in for 90 days

I made some progress by using a script I found online to query all user account that havent logged in for 90 days, but the script use is a bunch of manual work and formatting.

So any ideas or recommendations on the how abouts to accomplish this... I understand that 3rd party tools could probably do this and more, but as with most IT staff out there, I am looking for a free alternative.

However if you know of a 3rd party software that can definitely do these things I would like to here a review.

Thanks in advance.

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Check Out...

by rkuhn In reply to Active Directory Reportin ...

NetWrix Inactive Users Tracker.

I've been using it for at least 2-3 years and been quite happy.

It's basic but so are my needs. Unfortunately, the free version only tells you inactive accounts.

You can request a quote to unlock additional features.

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ADManager Plus

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Active Directory Reportin ...

Check ADManager Plus from the following site:

Its an excellent application and they have a free version, but it has a limitation of the number of objects that can be returned in the report or to be managed, limited to 100 object.

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Another Product to the List

by chris In reply to Active Directory Reportin ...

MaxPowerSoft's Active Directory Reports (http://maxpowersoft.com) will enable you to monitor for your last logons and we handle the caveat that even Microsoft neglects in their reporting and that is the fact that they do not replicate these properties you are reporting on. Come and try our free trial and let us know what else you would like to see in our product. We love user feedback.
Kind Regards,

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