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    Active Directory Restricts Shortcut Icons


    by steak1986 ·

    I am new to Active directory, trained but not much experience. I have configured a AD, 2003, with XP clients. I have confiugred a xp pc the way I want it. Then I added it to the AD. No problems there. I then logged onto an already created account, and had no problem loading the roaming profile. Now I’m at my desktop and if I go into a folder that houses most of the common programs, calendar, email, office 2003; I can open all of these programs, properly configured too, but they dont have andy icons. I just want it to look nicer for some users who flip if it doesnt look the right way. I tried right clicking on these shortcuts and changing the icons, but the option is grayed out. I currently have a gpo set, but after looking at it I dont see any setting that should prohibit this change. Anyone know which setting restricts me changing the shortcut’s icons?

    Here is a list of gpo settings if it helps:

    Prevent changes to Taskbaar and Start menu Settings:disabled

    Turn off Personilzed Menus:disabled

    Turn off user tracking:disabled

    Do not used the serach based method when resolving shell shortcuts: Disabled

    Do not use the tracking based method when resolving shell shortcuts: disabled

    Remove links and access to windows update:enabled

    remove my documents icon from start menu:enabled

    remove network connectiong:enabled

    Remove documents menu:enabled

    Remove my network places:enabled

    add logoff:enabled

    clear history of recently opened docs on exit:enabled

    turn off notification area cleanup:enabled

    force classic start:enabled

    remove baloon tips:enabled

    Remove set program access and defaults:enabled

    Dont save settings at exit:enabled

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