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    Active Directory software deployment


    by taz1nl ·

    Hi all,

    I’m currently trying to deploy MS Visio 2003, but i need to somehow do this fully automated so there’s no user interaction whatsoever (the licence key also needs to be pre-defined so that the user doesn’t have to enter it themselves).

    I need some advice on how to go about doing this. Do I need to modify the .msi file, and if so what tool do I need to do this with and exactly how would I do this, step-by-step?

    I am fairly new to this so any advice will be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance,


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      by petitjc ·

      In reply to Active Directory software deployment

      You should be able to perform an Administrative Install up to a Network share. Use “MSIEXEC /A d:\setup.exe /p \\servername\sharename”. This will run the setup wizzard, copy all your settings and you can enter in the product key. Then run the seutp.msi from the network share you just uploaded your app to.

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      Reply To: Active Directory software deployment

      by taz1nl ·

      In reply to Active Directory software deployment


      Thanks for your reply.

      I did the following:

      1. copied all necessary installation files (including .msi) to a shared directory (S drive)on the network.

      2. ran the suggested paramenters from a command prompt but get the error ‘installer package could not be opened’.

      What I am doing wrong? Like I said before, the idea is to edit the Visio .msi file so I can deploy it via active directory group policy to targetted pc’s so it does an unattended install with the licence key already pre-defined. But I’m not even getting as far as the wizard to allow me to do any editting/entering the licence key. Also, you mentioned d:setup.exe as part of the parameter, what does that part mean? Do I just substitute the d: for my network drive?

      Any further help will be appreciated.



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      Reply To: Active Directory software deployment

      by dilshandiss ·

      In reply to Active Directory software deployment

      It should be the same as installing office, all you have to do is perform an administrative install, to do this,open command prompt, switch to your cd rom drive and type setup /a. Choose the shared folder (with appropriate permissions) and then deploy the package using Group policy and make sure you choose it as “Assigned” and not published. This will put a shortcut to htier programs menu and when they click it it will be installed from the server

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