Active Directory with Offsite Exchange Server

By Impervious00 ·
We just implemented an off site exchange server, and we are going to implement Active Directory.
My Question is how do we get the users roaming profile to automatically load the off site exchange server when they login?

thank you in advance.

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Off Site meaning? 3rd party hosting?

by CG IT In reply to Active Directory with Off ...

or is this an Exchange Server within the organization that is located at a different facility.

3rd part hosting, should be POP3. Easy to configure Outlook for POP3

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3rd Party

by Impervious00 In reply to Off Site meaning? 3rd pa ...

It is a 3rd Party Hosting. Also we connect now through exchange settings in Outlook instead of POP3. We would like to keep the Exchange setup, just need to know how to write a script or how to edit Outlook so it will load the settings, so the users can login to any computer and they settings will follow them.

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if the Exchange Server isn't yours, then

by CG IT In reply to 3rd Party

you configure Outlook to connect to the Exchange server per the hosting company's directions. you will need their pop3 server to download and their SMTP server to send.

If the Exchange server is yours, then you configure outlook to connect to Exchange. Then you configure Exchange to send mail out to your hosting company via SMTP and inbound via POP3. [same drill as for outlook just your configuring Exchange this time].

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PRF Files?

by Impervious00 In reply to if the Exchange Server is ...

How about with PRF Files? I have read some about it and it looks like if I build PRF files then I can have those added to Active Directory Scripts and then the Users will get their setup through that to the hosting company. Does this sound right?

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