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    Active Logical Volume


    by anastasio ·

    in error, i made an ntfs logical volume the active volume. now, win2k won’t boot up and gives missing ntldr file error message. is there a way to reverse what i did? also, i don’t have a recovery disk.

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      Active Logical Volume

      by joseph moore ·

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      I did that too. It happens.

      To fix this, make a bootable floppy disk. Boot using the floppy, then go back into Disk Management and change the active partition to the correct partition.

      To make a bootable floppy for Win2k, you need 3 files on afloppy:


      You can get these files from the Win2K CD.
      Plus, the BOOT.INI file must have the correct ARC pathing to the correct disk drive and partition for your machine.

      Please read Technet article Q119467 for details on how to make the floppy:;en-us;Q119467
      (please remove any spaces)

      hope this helps

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      Active Logical Volume

      by anastasio ·

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