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    Active X auto-installation


    by andrewchristiandc ·


    I’m supporting a piece of software. The interface is a web-interface, meaning the user usually accesses the software using a browser such as Internet Explorer. Basically a cold-fusion app sitting on top of a database. Nothing fancy.

    The software –DOES– require ActiveX controls in order to function. When the users first access the software, in some cases their (Internet Explorer) browser prompts them to auto-download and auto-install ActiveX if they don’t have it. In other cases, they don’t have ActiveX installed, yet they don’t recieve a prompt telling them to do so.

    My question is, why would some people recieve a prompt for auto-installation but some people not receive it?

    The first thing that I’m investigating is the Internet Explorer settings. If anyone has any additional insight that they can shed on this, I’ll appreciate it. Thanks!!

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      This is part of IE Security any attempt to use an Active X component requires the manual enabling of this item. What I think you are seeing here is that some people without the correct version of Active X are being asked to upgrade where as those with the correct version for this application are not getting this message.

      This can sometimes work in reverse as well where if Active X 8 is required and Active X 9 is installed sometimes Windows will prompt the user to install the required version of Active X.


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        by andrewchristiandc ·

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        Thank you sir. I wonder how I should respond in cases, though were:

        a) User does not have –any– version of ActiveX plug-ins installed (believe it or not, some install images don’t contain any of these here at the wacky XYZ Corporation)


        b) Internet Explorer does nothing to prompt them to DL and install these components.


        c) These users are off-site so I can’t manually walk over to their cubes and walk them through the process


        d) They can’t do their jobs without access to our software (ActiveX required).

        This currently affects about 30 people.

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      by andrewchristiandc ·

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