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    Active X Setings, Can’t Download


    by beckyxiong ·

    An associate of mine’s always gets this dialog box..

    “Your current security settings prohibit running active x controls on this page. As a result, the page may not display correctly.”

    Based on what she’s told me, she’s unable to download anything from ie, therefore, if she needed a service pack or something she’s unable to attain them, but she is able to use her outlook express. She’s running on win98. Any ideas on what can be causing this? She’s also told me that someone did go over all the active x internet settings on her pc with her, and they seem to be correctly configured. I’m thinking maybe she has a virus, but I’m not sure without taking a look at her computer. She’s had this problem for about 3 months now, and she told me she did a full recovery on her computer already.

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