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By majrparkr ·
Apple just recognizes dying technologies and quits supporting them faster. They don't kill technologies they just don't waste their time on (soon to be)legacy hardware. Same as the Flash argument, EVERYONE wants flash gone but Adobe. Apple just recognizes it's days are over and moves on. I bought a Mac in 1998 with no floppy drive. At the time I thought Apple was crazy, but that's just the Apple way.

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Cool. I'm part of EVERYONE and I don't care. (nt)

by Ron K. In reply to Actually...
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I'm one of everyone.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Cool. I'm part of EVERYON ...

I don't want Flash gone...

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I, also...

by NexS In reply to I'm one of everyone.

Don't care.
But if you'd please excuse my ignorance, what replacement is there for Flash?

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by majrparkr In reply to I, also...

I have to to say that Silverlight is actually a very good alternative but HTML5 is where its at.

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And why should flash be gone?

by Slayer_ In reply to Actually...

I like flash, it makes the internet more lively.

If I come across a website that seems evil, I simply click this button.

This button is standard in both Avant and Orca and has been for many many years, no need for addons or anything. It is just that simple.

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Flash slows the internet experience to a crawl

by nonseq In reply to And why should flash be g ...

At least that's my experience. And I hate flash based adware which hijack the browser whenever I'm on line.

I have two or three sites that I visit or used to visit with regularity and that take forever as they wait for adware to load.

Early Macromedia Flash was kind of fun. Adobe Flash, like most of Adobe's acquired software is bloated and insecure and Adobe doesn't seem to care.

In my opinion, Flash is 20th Century technology for 20th Century computing.

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Did you not read my post???

by Slayer_ In reply to Flash slows the internet ...

Re-read it, I even posted a picture explaining how to temporarily turn off flash when browsing unknown websites.

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Why should I have to turn it off?

by nonseq In reply to Did you not read my post? ...

Though I use Flash Blocker on the one true computer, I don't have that on my Darkside machines. Windows makes you work harder, at least for me.

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Cause any technology can be used for good and for bad

by Slayer_ In reply to Why should I have to turn ...

And its handy to turn it off to avoid the bad sites, but nice to turn it on for the good sites.

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Can we assume you meant to reply to this discussion:

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Actually...

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