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AD # and Size of Partitions

By admin ·
In an ideal setup, what does everyone use for # and size of partitions in AD?

Seperate or combined OS, AD DB and AD Log?

Let's say a company of 300-400 users or quantify your own company size(s) in your answer(s).

I am wondering what the advantage would be to seperate, as seen in the install instructions vs. one partition as per the MS website suggestions on this. It seems to me that at least 2 partitions would be good and possibly 3, but I was looking for help and input from the folksthat have been running them day in and out for a while now. :)

~Thanks in advance from all of you'all!

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AD # and size of partitions

by myraroldan In reply to AD # and Size of Partitio ...

It's a matter of what you're comfortable with. I use a min. of 2 partitions for system operations, OS on one and AD and DB on the other. I would recommend at least 4gb for the OS and higher for the rest.

By keeping your OS separate from the rest of your processes you are able to troubleshoot with more ease.

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I would have to agree

by ChandraFirestar In reply to AD # and size of partitio ...

You need at least 4GB but I would strongly recommend for 2000 and XP 5GB. The other advantage to keeping your OS on one partition and info on another is it allows you to crash the partition with the OS, if necessary, and not lose all your important data. But do not neglect backing up all important data.

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