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AD Child Domain Recovery

By brett_s_adams ·
The subject of DR has arisen within the company and I need to plan what the best practice should be to get the company's network back up and running at a seperate site. Picture that I am currently at a site which is a child domain within a forest AD Topology with only 12 Servers to use at the DR Site. Should I..

1. Restore my original DC from backup as a member of the original Forest, knowing that this could be rather tricky from a DR Site and I may have all sorts of Comms headaches in order to be able to replicate to the Master Forest DC/s.

2. Create a Seperate isolated Domain on a DC from scratch at the DR Site in order to get the business trading ASAP. The other 12 key Member servers are then built and added to that Domain.

Will I get problems later down the line when I then wish to goin add my new domain back into the original Forest?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to AD Child Domain Recovery

This really depends on the level of DR that you are planning for. If you are planing for the total destruction of one site and need to have a remote site up and running as quickly as you can move the staff there in a safe location I wouldn't bother wioth any of the above I would just Clone the Drives concerned and store them off site in a safe location where they can not be damaged. To do this properly you would need at the very least 3 sets of drives and rotate them regurally so you always have the lattest clone available at a moments notice.

That way in the case of the Worse Case Senario all you need do is grab identical hardware and install the drives and your up and running in the time that it takes to get the hardware inplace. You'll need to store at least one set of drives in a safe place and that means safe from Fire, Flood and EM Radition. But in all honesty I would be storing several sets of current drives in different places at the same level od safety.


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by CG IT In reply to AD Child Domain Recovery

in any DR plan, uptime requirements set the base for a DR plan. If your required to have 99.9% uptime for the network because the network is business critical, then redundancy rather than having to rely upon backups is the approach to take.

note you run an AD forest therefore the AD structure can be a no root structure where you take the root server off line. Then build in redundancy on server roles.

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