AD Computers vs. Domain Computers

By SaabNut ·
'Ello all!

This has been driving me nuts for awhile.
Took over all IT duties for a small law firm. Previous "IT guy" named the computers things like "TEDSNEWPC" and "JOESLAPTOP". I am renaming them to SEDPC01, SEDLT01 and so on. Well, I notice in AD that HALF the computer are listed under COMPUTERS and the other half are listed under "<domain> COMPUTERS". Yet everything works fine. The computers in plain old COMPUTERS are certainly in my domain, but not in ADUC?!? Doesn't seem to be affecting anything negatively.
Can I just drag/drop or MOVE them into the Domain with no negative effects????
Apologies if this is a dumb question.

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Really? No help?

by SaabNut In reply to AD Computers vs. Domain C ...

So I can just move them all to <DOMAIN COMPUTERS> with no ill effects?

Anyone? Beuhler?

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by csheppard In reply to Really? No help?

doesn't even really make sense to me. I mean, I'm not understanding how the computers are in your domain, but not in Active Directory.

If thats the case though, you should be able to add them into the <Domain Computers> without hurting anything.

Test it out with one. Add a computer into their and then see if anything changed (It won't). Then you'll have your piece of mind.

Hope that helps.

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