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    AD crashed can’t run DC promo from safe mode..


    by cgerada ·

    Hi hope someone here can help me.
    I have a Win2k DC that crashed. the server can boot,but AD won’t start. I’ve rebooted into AD repair mode, and run ntdsutil,
    but it can’t repair the database. (it fails as the ntds.dit file is missing)and i have no backup

    There is another DC on the network – is there a way to simply remove AD and
    reinstall, and have it grab the AD info from the other DC, a-la NT4? When I
    try to run dcpromo to remove AD, it won’t let me while in safe mode – and it
    won’t complete a boot normally.
    I have already transfered all of the server rolls to the working DC and have removed the failed server from the metadata cleanup in ntdsutils, by connecting to the working DC, but i cannon conec to the failed one, i get the following error if i try connect to the failed server “DsBindW error 0x6d9(There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapp
    i’d be happy to be able to simply remove AD and start over, any help. muchly appreciated


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