AD DNS problem with 2 Domains

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I have 2 Windows 2000 AD DOMAINS, and, running on the same IP subnet. The domains are setup in a trust. Both domains use AD integrated DNS that's hosted on servers in the domain.

Zone transfers are enabled for servers listed on the name servers tab. Secure updates are enabled. All DNS records function and replicate to DNS servers in (this includes all records for the zone.)

I'm now setting up a new subnet at a remote site that will extend the domain.

IP routing is functioning between the sites, and there are no FW policies in place that block traffic between the subnets.
I've also setup a new site & subnet in AD Sites & Svcs.

Only will be setup at the new site, so I've setup an additional DC for on the remote subnet, listing the IP address as the primary client DNS server before running DC promo. DNS server was also installed on the new DC but not configured before running DCpromo.

After running DCPromo and rebooting, all seems well with the exception of DNS.

When I open the DNS snap-in I see the zones for and, but none of the records have replicated from the DNS servers. Only the name server and host records for the domain controllers are listed.

Dcdiag gives me no errors. There are no errors in the event log.

Repadmin /showreps shows successful attempts for inbound neighbors, and displays nothing under outbound neighbors.

Could this be some kind of permission problem between the DNS servers on and the domain/DNS servers in

For kicks, I tried setting up AD integrated DNS on one of the other servers on the primary subnet, and I get the *same* result.

When I setup an additional DC with DNS on the new subnet, everything works perfectly.

This definitely has something to do with the fact that the DNS server is running on the DC.

Are there permissions that I can set on the DC to make this work or is the setup just wrong? Should I setup a standard secondary DNS in the new subnet instead of AD integrated?

Thanks for any help!

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