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AD & DNS synchronization

By mikeysykes ·
I built a second server on my network to manage Anti Virus solution and other things. The DNS does not seem to be up to date (synchronizing). It is AD integrated. When this server is on, users authenticate with it and can't see anything. When itis off, there are no problems. Any ideas?

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AD & DNS synchronization

by BeerMonster In reply to AD & DNS synchronization

Have you changed the Ip address of either server since they were built? Basically, each server PULLS rather than PUSHES updates from it's replication partners. in the case of integrated DNS, server A will look in ITS OWN dns database for serverB's SRV record (IE the service record that identifies B as a dc). Now, if server B has it's address changed, when server A tries to pull from it (and looks in it's own database) it will find the old IP, and try to use that. As the old IP is no longer used by server B, replication fails. Moreover, server A will NEVER find out about server B's new address, because it will never be able to successfuly sync. This known 'feature' is commonly called 'the island problem'. the quickest fix is to set the primary DNS address on server A to server B, and vice versa. Now an ipconfig /registerdns will cause each server to register DIRECTLY with it's opposite number, updating it with the correct address. afterwards, set each servers primary DNS back toitself. Hope I'm on the right track here......

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AD & DNS synchronization

by mikeysykes In reply to AD & DNS synchronization

No IP address changing. Sorry, I should have enhanced perhaps. If I remove DNS from this server, I still get problems. All the clients seem to want to use this server at logon, and that's when the problems start. I can see the network from the server OK. But any client that subsequently logs on can't seem to do any name resolution. It has happened recently without any changes having been made to any servers or network.

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