AD Domain and a workgroup

By C'Town LarryMac ·
In my head, this won't wprk but there are a lot of smarter people than myself on here so here goes...

Is it possible to set up a machine in a Windows workgroup that is also attached to an AD domain? Perhaps with one NIC bound to the domain and the other one in the workgroup?

We're switching over from a workgroup to a domain and I have a legacy NAS that isn't AD-capable. Since I can't connect it to the domain I was trying to come up with a way to connect it to another machine on the domain and share it out that way.

Any thoughts?


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by cmiller5400 In reply to AD Domain and a workgroup

A computer can only be a member of a domain or a member of a workgroup at one time, not both.

Bite the bullet and buy a new NAS or more HDD's to stuff in a server. This will save you some major headaches in the long run. Besides, if the equipment is that old, when will it start to go belly up?

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Workgroup is browsable

by C'Town LarryMac In reply to AD Domain and a workgroup

It turns out I outsmarted myself - the NAS is viewable from the domain and I can map drives directly to it.

The fact that a workgroup can browse a domain that's on the same physical network kind of worries me, but I'm hoping that will improve once I actually start locking this installation down.

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