AD, Exchange 2003, and Outlook 2007

By zack_chimento ·
In all my years as a tech I've never had as much of a head ache as trying to figure an email contact sharing system using a combo of Active Directory, Exchange Server 2003, and Outlook 2007.

Here's the problem. We have about 15 XP Pro SP2 machines for people. All are under 1 domain on 1 Windows 2003 R2 SBS server. All office PC's use Office 2007 suite, including Outlook 2007. We would like a system where all contacts for persons outside our network, would be stored in a single location, accessable and editable by all, hopefully through Outlook. I've been able to create contact entries on the server it's self using AD, but when a client PC attempts to change any information, or add new entries to the list, there is no option of doing so, only changing local contacts saved to that specific outlook data file. Any help/ideas?

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You need SharePoint or 3rd party app

by robo_dev In reply to AD, Exchange 2003, and Ou ...

You have to think 'outside the Microsoft Box'.....

SharePoint integrates nicely with Exchange:

Cheap 3rd Party Outlook contact sharing utility:

Infoware Team Contacts app:

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Use Public Folder Contacts

by qmacker In reply to AD, Exchange 2003, and Ou ...

Create a public folder Contact item in Exchange, called it "Shared Contacts" or something. Allow all users read/write permission to it.

Add the public folder contact item to everyone's Outlook favorites. Then add it as an Outlook Address Book.

People outside the office can use Outlook Web Access (setup a special account, don't give it local log on privileges) and go to the public folders to lookup or add a contact.

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Use Public Folder Contacts (follow-up)

by qmacker In reply to Use Public Folder Contact ...

Scratch that last bit about a special account for people outside the office. If they're "your" users, they can just use OWA normally.

I meant a special account, if you wanted customers or non-employees to be able to edit these items - which I don't think you meant.

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