ad-exchange migration plan--opinions requested

By kboytzun ·
We have two depts in a company: GC and CC. GC is going to absorb CC. We want to put CC's users and email into GC's 2003 AD.

currently the CC Dept:
w2k AD 2000 single domain forest
mail: uses GC's Exhange 5.5 org.

currently the GC Dept (is performing a NT to 2003 AD "migration"):
GC has NT4 domains
GC has a 2003 AD single domain forest (GC.local) that they are "migrating" to (new)
GC has an exchange 5.5 org that CC Dept also uses (old)
GC has installed a 2003 Exchange server belonging to the old 5.5 exhange org (GC.local - new).
GC Dept is using ADC for authentication to the mailboxes (NT4 to AD).

GC Dept is moving their exchange 5.5 mailboxes from an NT4 exhange 5.5 server to a 2003 exhange

server but currently keeping the exhange 2003 server as part of the exchange 5.5 org.

Regarding the CC Dept which has its own w2k AD forest, we want to take their users and put them

into our 2003 AD GC.local as a separate OU. We also want to move their email boxes in the same

fashion as the GC Dept (exhange 5.5 NT4 box to exchange 2003 (5.5 org) box--eventually the email 5.5 org will become the AD integrated org).

We are thinking we should move the exhange 5.5 mailboxes to exchange 2003 first, and then do the w2k user accounts second. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for your opinions and thoughts,

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Need AD accounts for CC

by Churdoo In reply to ad-exchange migration pla ...

You have an ADC for E55<-->GC's AD, and a second ADC for E55<-->CC's W2K AD? or how do CC members authenticate with E55 for their E55-homed email? Does CC have their own E55 server in the E55 org? Are these departments separated geographically?

Seems to me that the Exchange 2K3 server will need AD objects in its own GC.local AD with the proper SID history, in order to rehome the CC mailboxes to the E2K3 server.

So unless I'm missing something here, you'll need to migrate CC's AD into GC.local before you can rehome their mailboxes.

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customer getting more info...

by kboytzun In reply to Need AD accounts for CC

thanks for the reply Churdoo. At this time we are unsure precisely how the CC email deal is configured (I thought it was an ADC but will need to confirm). I'll update it later..thanks, Kerry

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