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AD Headaches

By hannahlovesbananas ·
Hi all,

I admit now that i should've extensively thought this out before i brain is fried.

I have a domain ( . I recently co-located some servers at a Network Operations Center off site. In order to share printers, and have connectivity to our network at the office, I created a subdomain to my hoping they'd talk to each other. Well, things didn't go so well, i ended up having to readdress the network because of an ISP change, and by that time the DC at the NOC wasn't talking to our internal network DC whatsoever. In light of this, i went and demoted the DC of the subdomain at the NOC to a member server, and went into my DC at the office and did a metadata cleanup to get rid of this orphaned subdomain. Well the metadata cleanup was successful as far as I can tell, but a trust still exists from my domain ( to the nonexistant subdomain ( I am unable to remove it, because the remove button is grayed out. Is there any possible way i can get rid of this without a huge mess?
Also, I want to create a DC for over at the NOC, but am willing to create it just to a be a secondary for the domain ( I've created entries for my current DC in the lmhosts file for the remote server. Has anyone had to join two W2K machines remotely? Please help...i don't have much hair left to pull out.


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by CG IT In reply to AD Headaches

hummm first thing that comes to mind is in Active Directory Domains & Trusts [and I'm assuming your running W2K with Active Directory because you don't say its NT or Novell or whatever other server O/S ] did you remove the trust? you say the remove button is greyed out but you don't say specifically in AD Domains & Trusts when you try to remove the trust you established with another domain, the button is greyed out to remove it].

Next is if your trying to "join" 2 W2K servers[join meaning "talk" ] and they are not located in the same physical area, you can do that using VPN [or dialup, or a satellite bounce, or microwave skip] and if that is what your trying to do, the question is what do you want them to talk about?

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by CG IT In reply to

and I'm not joking around when I ask what do you want them to talk about because there are many different things servers can talk about to each other. DNS, DHCP, Active Diretory, security, authentication, authorization, serving up a web page, where's the printer, where's the file, whos on first. those sorts of talk.

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by hannahlovesbananas In reply to AD Headaches


Yes I'm using all W2K. In AD Domains and Trusts, I go to the Trusts Tab for my domain ( and the "domains trusted by this domain" and "domains that trust this domain" both contain a trust for the subdomain that doesn't exist( When i highlight the domain for removal, i only have a "ADD" and "EDIT" button, the "REMOVE" isn't available. The "talk" that i want is mainly AD, so we can share files between there and here, and print from there to here. Thank you!

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